April 15, 2009

Tagged by Kak Zah

Dah lama kene tag by Kak Zah.....tp skrg br ade kelapangan nk fulfill the game.
So here goes the answers :-

1. snap the picture of both inner and outer of your wallet.

So, what's inside ?

sama je mcm org lain.... ic, driving license, variety of cards, beloved persons photos, cash notes & coins.

2. introduce your wallet brand, price and where you bought it.

Wallet brand: F.Timber (erk..)
Price: RMxx++ (murah je)
Where you bought: Parkson Rawang

3. take out whatever inside your wallet

4. Snap a picture with your wallet with your self.
5. Tagged another person

1. cik Puteri
2. si becok Cahaya Azian
3. Eimiza
4. Murni
5. Azura in da house

hehe...jawab ye jgn tak jawab !

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